CompTIA Pentest+ Certification For Dummies

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Advance your existing career, or build a new one, with the PenTest+ certification Looking for some hands-on help achieving one of the tech industry’s leading new certifications? Complete with an online test bank to help you prep for the exam, CompTIA PenTest+ Certification For Dummies, 2nd Edition guides you through every competency tested by the exam. Whether you’re a seasoned security pro looking to looking to add a new cert to your skillset, or you’re an early-career cybersecurity professional seeking to move forward, you’ll find the practical, study-centered guidance you need to succeed on the certification exam. In this book and online, you’ll get: A thorough introduction to the planning and information gathering phase of penetration testing, including scoping and vulnerability identification Comprehensive examinations of system exploits, vulnerabilities in wireless networks, and app-based intrusions In-depth descriptions of the PenTest+ exam and an Exam Reference Matrix to help you get more familiar with the structure of the test Three practice tests online with questions covering every competency on the exam Perfect for cybersecurity pros looking to add an essential new certification to their repertoire, CompTIA PenTest+ Certification For Dummies, 2nd Edition is also a great resource for those looking for a way to cement and build on fundamental pentesting skills.


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